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Janice J. Bispham

My name is Janice Bispham, born on the island of Barbados, but raised in the United States of America. Almost two years ago, I vacated the chair after serving as the National Chairperson for four years. At that time, with the hard work of an excellent, Executive Team, I was able to retire a $17,000 debt. In addition the profile of the Organization was greatly enhanced and some measure of respect was again awarded the Association. The logo of the Organization, as designed by a past Board member has a crack, and that crack remains.

We must elect a strong and effective Team that will continue to work diligently to eliminate that crack. I believe that if I am elected and have the correct team in place, that I will be able to captain a winning Team that will take this Organization in a positive direction.
As stated my roots grow deep in Barbados, but most of my formative years and all of my adult life have been in the United States. I am currently employed by the State of Florida as a Child Protective Professional, which is another illustration of my love for people and my desire to be a positive force both professionally and personally.

I strongly believe that my professional history has prepared me to lead NABO for another two years. As stated, I managed in the past, with the Executive team, to steer the organization in a positive direction. I believe that I can again work effectively with the Board and the member organizations to place NABO on a course that is commendable. As Chairperson, I make it my quest to ensure that the Public Relations Office always keep the membership and the general public, up to date with accurate information. I always strive to get the job done. I know that if I am elected we will steer the ship on a positive path.

The Board under my leadership will maintain the basics, listening to the Board of Directors, who will stand next to me and the Executive to plan and execute the desires of the members. I am prepared with historical and visionary insight to strengthen NABO’s reputation, increase membership and continue to identify meaningful projects that can benefit Barbadians in the United States and at home.

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  1. Elena, I've recently moved from London to Hong Kong after only trvleaing through Europe a big change for me & a great one. I travel and explore daily here and cannot wait to travel to the neighbouring islands & the world just as you continue to do. I wanted to let you know that if you are ever in Hong Kong or want to visit, you are welcome to stay with me I have 2 spare rooms & your travel stories could enlighten and bewilder me even more then they have reading online..LA

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