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Would you like to organize a presentation with the Barbadian Representatives?

As an organization/group you can hold a business presentation with any Governmental/private businesses from Barbados such as: The Mission of Barbados in your Jurisdiction, Invest Barbados, Barbados Tourism Authority, Barbados Credit Union, Mount Gay Rum, Cock Spur, etc.

States in jurisdiction of the consulate general of barbados

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  • Destination Management Services

    Let a professional local agent manage your group activities, from meetings at sea to recreation and provisions for your seminars and special functions. Local arrangers help you and your company with anything you need ? transfers, conference service, evening activities and sightseeing. The perfect mix of business, pleasure, fabulous climate and friendly, service-minded people makes Barbados a dream for conference and incentive trips.

    Mission of Barbados


    Consulate General Miami
    Consulate General of Barbados Miami: 2121 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL. 33134. Ph: (305) 442-2269

    New York

    Consulate General New York
    Consulate General of Barbados New York: 820 2nd Ave New York, NY 10017 (212) 551-4325


    Barbados Embassy Washington
    Barbados Embassy: 2144 Wyoming Avenue Northwest Washington D.C., DC 20008-3928 (202) 939-9200

    Barbados Network Regime

    Following are the main provisions of the Barbados Network:

    1. There are now only two criteria for qualification as a Barbados Networker, namely:
    a) Be a citizen of Barbados by birth, descent, registration or naturalization.
    b) Be continuously resident abroad for ten (10) years immediately prior to resettlement.

    Barbados Networkers no longer have to present proof of being at least fifty (50) years of age. Furthermore, they no longer have to provide proof of having resided in Barbados for at least one hundred and eighty three (183) days within a year at some time prior to emigrating.

    2. After resettlement, motor vehicles must now be retained for five (5) years. This period was three (3) years previously.

    3. The Chief Parliamentary Counsel should be requested to amend the Customs Tariff to reflect the relevant recommendations, namely:

    a) To discontinue the current administrative process in relation to the importation of personal effects and motor vehicles for Barbados Networkers.

    b) To amend Part 2B of the Customs Tariff to empower the Comptroller of Customs, based on a letter granting the status of Barbados Networker from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to grant Barbados Networkers automatic exemptions from the payment of import duty and taxes.

    Doing Your Part
  • Contribute to the Barbadian Disaster Relief item list.
  • Join arms with BACA to fight cancer. The Barbados American Cancer Association is located in New York City.